high speed torrent download; you really have to CONTRIBUTE for it to work

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Oooops December 7, 2007

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I am sorry to say that this doesn’t work with the telecom plus ADSL; only My.T gives the 2 mega local broadband speed, too bad.

a brief recap of the settings:(for utorrent, it should be similar to other torrent managers)

you can find them in ‘preferences’ or through the shortcut ‘Ctrl+P’.

download speed: unlimited

upload speed: 22 kbps

global max number of connections: 130

max number of connected peers per torrent: 70

max number of slots per torrent: 3

check the box, ‘use additional slots if upload speed<90%’

for the additional bit torrent features check all 4 boxes.

for protocol encryption, choose ‘forced’ and check the box allow incoming legacy connections.

for those for whom these settings are working, please leave some encouraging comments through this comment box.


miscellaneous December 1, 2007

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music albums

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tv shows

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setting up uTorrent

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Setting µTorrent for your speed

  1. Go to Options > Speed Guide
  2. Select the listing closest to your upload speed result (rounding down as necessary)
  3. Note that the speed tests may not be 100% accurate due to factors outside of your control, so if the closest option is only a little bit higher than what your upload speed results received on the tests (perhaps by 10%), it’s generally safe to select that.
  4. You will notice that the “Affected Settings” further down the page have adjusted to match your selected speed. Higher settings will not give you better speed, and may in fact make speeds worse. So don’t be greedy.
  5. Remember that port you opened, type in the box, where it says ‘current port’. you may click on ‘test if port is forwarded properly’ to verify if you did the port forwarding correctly, else you must redo them.
  6. Then click on ‘enable encryption’
  7. Click the “Use Selected Settings” button at the bottom of the Speed guide window.

Tweaking the upload speed

The speedguide is great for setting up a variety of variables but it does fall short if your test speed falls half way between two of the possible speeds listed.

  1. Take your upload speed result in kbits and divide it by 8 (you now have your result in kBytes.)
  2. Take your speed in kBytes and multiply it by 0.8 (this now gives you a proper upload speed of 80% of you tested max)
  3. Go to Options > Preferences > Connection and put your result in the “Global maximum upload speed rate” box.

Enabling Protocol Encryption

Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are actively interfering with p2p activities in order to reduce their bandwidth requirements. This causes µTorrent and other file sharing download speeds to become slow. To avoid this, µTorrent and other clients have introduced an encryption protocol to prevent ISPs from identifying BitTorrent traffic.

  • Go to Options > Preferences > BitTorrent. Set Outgoing under Protocol Encryption to Enable, check “Allow incoming legacy connections”.

Some ISPs have extremely aggressive throttling methods and for those users it might be necessary to set outgoing to Forced; however this will greatly reduce the number of peers you can connect to. Enable is sufficient for most users.

Authorizing µTorrent in your firewall

People using the Microsoft Windows XP firewall:

  • Go to Options > Preferences > Connection, check “Add µTorrent to Windows Firewall.”

People using other firewalls:
You will need to refer to your software’s own documentation. By default, the µTorrent listening port is randomized each time you start µTorrent. If needed, it can be locked to a specific port by:

  • Go to Options > Preferences > Connections, uncheck “Randomize port”