high speed torrent download; you really have to CONTRIBUTE for it to work

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Oooops December 7, 2007

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I am sorry to say that this doesn’t work with the telecom plus ADSL; only My.T gives the 2 mega local broadband speed, too bad.

a brief recap of the settings:(for utorrent, it should be similar to other torrent managers)

you can find them in ‘preferences’ or through the shortcut ‘Ctrl+P’.

download speed: unlimited

upload speed: 22 kbps

global max number of connections: 130

max number of connected peers per torrent: 70

max number of slots per torrent: 3

check the box, ‘use additional slots if upload speed<90%’

for the additional bit torrent features check all 4 boxes.

for protocol encryption, choose ‘forced’ and check the box allow incoming legacy connections.

for those for whom these settings are working, please leave some encouraging comments through this comment box.


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